Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Elephants are giant but gentle creatures. Though animal behaviour is unpredictable, jumbos are rarely seen getting restless unless it is about their safety and they sense any threat. Other than their own species, no other animal in the forest tries to mess with the largest mammal on earth.

However, when these jumbos get violent and start fighting, the entire animal kingdom goes on alert mode and no one dares to cross close to them. Even the forest shivers with the loud thumping of these beasts.

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Elephants fight to show their dominance. Recently, several videos showing violent fights of tuskers have surfaced on social media. 

However, here we bring you a video that will leave you confused as well as startling. 

As seen in the video, two adult tuskers are seen with their tusks and trunks locked nearby a river. Rather than being violent, the tuskers seem to be engaged in a friendly fight. 

However, getting detached, the jumbos take a drink break and drink some water.

The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has gone viral. Apart from being viewed over 54K times, the video has drawn different opinions from netizens.

Some users suggested that the fight seems to be between two siblings as they don’t seem to be violent.

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