Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Reports of miscreants snatching chains and mobile phones from women and girls are quite common these days. The miscreants launch a sudden attack terrifying the victims. The victims end up getting wounded or even worse after losing their valuables. However, some people act courageously and capture the miscreants. 

Here we bring a video that shows a mother-daughter duo capturing a chain snatcher bravely. And the miscreant ends up suffering for his crime. 

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As seen in the video, a woman and a small girl arrive in a rickshaw and move to the roadside. Both are crossing the road. Meanwhile, two youths on a two-wheeler arrive from the other side. The bike stops near the duo and the person riding pillion attempts to pull the gold chain from the woman’s neck. 

The duo was about to escape when the woman grabs the youth from behind. The teenage girl also grabs the youth’s hand to help her mother. The youth riding the bike loses his control when his associate is pulled strongly from behind and the vehicle falls on the road. 

Meanwhile, the small girl starts screaming for help while holding the chain snatcher. Hearing the loud scream of the woman and girl, people walking on the road rush to help. On the other hand, the youth riding bike manages to flee from the spot. 

Several passersby also join and thrash the thief black and blue. People find the snatched item dropped near the bike. However, the fuming public was in no mood to spare the chain snatcher. 

The incident was captured on a CCTV installed on a building. Shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby, the video has gone viral on social media with people praising the brave mother-daughter duo. By now, it has been viewed over 120K times.

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