Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Animals are unpredictable and sometimes they behave in a very strange way and even turn violent. There are several reports of commuters being attacked by stray animals. In some cases, the victim escapes with minor injuries, or in the worst case, it may prove fatal.

However, here we bring a video that shows a brave boy saving a woman from an annoyed bull while throwing his life at risk.

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As appeared in the video, a woman is seen walking down a street while a bull is standing in the way. However, as the woman gets closer to the bull, the stray animal attacks her. Surprisingly, the animal attacks her without being provoked. 

The bull hits her strongly with its head pushing the woman onto the ground. The incident seems to be more frightening as the woman falls in front of a gate without any space to escape. 

While the frightened woman remains lying on the ground, the bull stands close to her. 

Suddenly, a young boy runs towards the bull. However, the bull attacked the boy before he could go near the woman. The boy thumps on the wall but again sits up. However, the bull again attacks the young boy with its head and kicks with its hind leg.

But, the brave boy manages to escape from the bull and crawls forward. Immediately, he turns back to the woman and lifts her up. 
However, again the bull attacks the duo thumping them to the ground.

By then, people in the proximity had learnt about the incident and rushed to the rescue of the boy and woman. A man hit the bull with a stick. Several others also came forward to rescue the duo.

The video shared on Twitter has gone viral. By now, the video has been viewed over 607K times and netizens flooded the comments expressing their concern for the duo. Moreover, most of the users have showered praise on the young boy for being brave enough to step forward and rescue the woman.

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