Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The safety of girls and women is one of the major concerns across the world. While countries have invoked several laws to curb crimes against women/girls, offenses continue. In such circumstances, girls are left with a few options including raising their voices against crime and fighting back against the offenders.

Here we bring a video of a waitress, who was brave enough to fight back against two youths at a restaurant after she was harassed and assaulted. 

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As seen in the video, the waitress is seen serving at a table with the two youths sitting. Suddenly, one of the youths gets up and forces the girl to join them. The girl immediately resists and steps back. However, the youth steps forward and continues with his actions.

Surprisingly, the girl activates action mode and hits back the youth with a powerful blow. She continues to shower punches and kicks throwing him away. 

While the other youth, who was watching his friend getting beaten by the waitress, immediately attacks her. However, the girl kicks him back. He again attacks her, but with the second kick, he steps back. 

The annoyed youth attacks the girl with a chair, but, she resists and flawlessly kicks him.

The video shared on Twitter by 'caption this.' has been viewed over a million times and has gone viral on social media. While some went on to term it as a staged video, netizens showered praises on the girl. Many even went on to call the girl a Power Ranger and Lady Bruce Lee.

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Though there's no confirmation whether it's a staged video or real, the video is a motivational one for girls who hesitate to retaliate in such situations.