Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Young girls working at bars/restaurants are quite common in western countries. Though the waitresses have a quite friendly approach towards their customers, some antisocial and mischievous individuals misbehave with them and such incidents are quite common too.

While some strong and daring girls raise their voices against such misbehaviour, many remain quiet and tolerate the injustice done towards them. 

However, here we bring a video that shows a waitress raising her voice against injustice and giving a befitting reply to a customer who inappropriately touched her. 

As seen in the video, a girl is seen moving to another table after attending to a customer. While she is busy collecting the menu card from the table, a youth in a red T-shirt approaches from behind. As soon as he comes closer to the girl, he touched her inappropriately.

Fumed over this, the waitress pulls the youth from behind by holding his t-shirt collar. She also throws him on a chair and warns him. 

The entire incident was captured in a CCTV installed in the restaurant. Shared on Twitter by Instant Karma, the video has been viewed over 52.3K times. 

The brave waitress also won the hearts of the netizens which is evident from the likes and reactions to the social media post.

Click HERE to watch the video .