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Amid the mystery surrounding the death of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) girl student Chinmayi Priyadarshini Sahoo, her last WhatsApp conversation with her mother surfaced on social media.

In her last chat with her mother, Chinmayi sounded her happy self and informed her that she would board the 9 pm bus to Bhubaneswar after attending the University’s convocation programme in Burla, Sambalpur.

At around 5:51 pm, Chinmayi who had sent a few pictures of her convocation, asked her mother on WhatsApp, ‘Did you see the pictures.’

Her mother replied, “Are you left alone there. Inform me when you are coming. Don’t forget to bring all your belongings.”

To this, Chinmayi replied, “The bus is at 9 pm. I have booked sleeper No. 8 on Sushree Bus.”

This was the last message Chinmayi had sent to her mother. After the WhatsApp chat, Chinmayi’s mother had called her up at around 9:20 pm but her voice sound weird.

“When I called Chinmayi, her voice sounded weird. I initially thought it was due to some cross connection but heard the same sound when I called her for the second time,” alleged Chinmayi’s mother. 

“She was an NCC student. Every time she came across any news of suicide, she would say that ‘suicide was not the solution’. She was such a brave child and would often advise me not to be weak anytime and enlighten me when I was sad or worried. She can never die by suicide.”

“It is a clear case of murder. My daughter has been brutally killed in a pre-planned manner. She was in such a happy mood and had called me to inform that she had a bus at 9 pm to Bhubaneswar. They have killed my daughter. I want justice for her,” said Chinmayi’s mother.

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“The injury mark on her neck is clearly ante-mortem in nature which was before her death. She might have been thrown into the water body soon after she died or maybe was unconscious. Even if someone is thrown into the water in a semi-conscious state then reports show as drowning. However, it is not drowning,” alleged Chinmayi’s father Banamali Sahoo, a doctor by profession. 

He further added, “The police had directed for diatom test and viscera has also been sent for examination. But, we suspected a bigger conspiracy as the accused youth’s father is the joint secretary at the Home department. He is trying to influence the investigation.”

Worth mentioning, Chinmayi was a student of the Information Technology department of VSSUT, Burla in Sambalpur. She attended the University’s convocation program on February 28 and received her degree.

Initially, reports said, she died by suicide by jumping off Power Channel Bridge. However, Chinmayi’s family members alleged the role of her male friend in her death.

(Reported by Manoranjan Joshi, OTV)