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  • Gauahar Khan lost 10 kilos of weight after delivering her son.
  • Losing postpartum weight can be a tough task but still by following simple tips it can be made possible.

Post-delivery weight loss is a tough process. Just like all the mothers even celeb mothers face this issue. Earlier Kareena Kapoor Khan openly discussed she had become so overweight during Taimur’s pregnancy that the doctor had asked her to control her eating habits. Both Bebo and Alia Bhatt lost weight with regular exercise and clean eating and even shared their postpartum weight loss journey with their fans.

Now another celeb mother Gauahar Khan has opened up that she managed to lose 10 kgs in just 10 days after delivering a healthy son. Gauahar is only 6 kgs away from her ideal weight. Health experts advise that new mothers should watch out for their calorie intake but never go on a crash diet. They must have healthy, home-cooked food.

After a couple of months, mothers can start working out to lose their postpartum weight as early as possible. But they must not overdo or push themselves beyond the limit. Replacing processed and fried snack items like French fries and potato chips with healthier options helps quick weight loss.

The bookmark tip to lose postpartum weight is to avoid refined sugar and carbohydrates. Another important tip is staying hydrated all through the day and getting enough sleep. Now since the baby most of the time takes months to adjust to the normal sleeping cycle, new mothers have to keep on breastfeeding and playing with them even during the night.

But getting enough sleep is equally important for the mother if she wants to recover from postpartum fatigue and kick off her metabolism rate back to normalcy. Taking the help of your partner or grandparents during the day so that you can get enough sleep during the daytime can be a good idea.

Disclaimer: This piece of article is for basic information purposes only. It's always advisable to consult a doctor for any type of health issue.