Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Online dating is a wonderful way of exploring dating prospects around the world.
  • But staying safe while actively dating online is also equally important.

Online dating is one of the most convenient ways of finding dating partners. But just as with all the other technological assets, you must always use such apps or sites with caution and try to stay safe.

Never share your phone number

Exchanging phone numbers is a normal thing on dating apps, right? No wrong! You should never share your phone number, at least initially. Instead, try to continue messaging and chatting through the in-built platform that the dating site offers.

Secure your messaging app

Once your relationship with the online dating partner goes to the next level, you can start chatting on your personal mobile number. But even then you must keep your personal information secure before sharing your phone number with the other person.

Always keep in mind that you are communicating with a stranger

Normally, after a few chatting and interacting sessions many people start feeling a nearness to their dating partner. But always keep in mind that despite all these communications, you are still dating a stranger who might have a lot of personal information hidden from you.

So, do not share all your life’s stories with him without knowing him personally for some time.

Do not tie your social media account to the online dating site

Avoid tying your social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the online dating site or app as these may contain a lot of personal information which you may not want your dating partner to get access to during the early days of dating.

Never give in to awkward or suspicious propositions or demands

Even though your dating partner is very much genuine, still you must not give in to any awkward demands or suspicious propositions. For example, if the person wants you to join another adult site or asks for some personal photographs you must avoid sharing them.

Also, demand for money or banking details under any pretext should be avoided.