Sangati Jogwar

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  • Dating a partner with kids needs a lot of understanding and patience.
  • Here is how you can do it gracefully.

You love this particular person whom you have been dating for some time now. Importantly, now, you are planning a future with him/her. But there is a twist. Suddenly, you come to know that he/she has kids. Should you drop the idea of dating that person further or go ahead and explore possibilities of a future with him/her?

Having kids indicate that the person believes in relationship and commitment which is a good sign. However, you need to be very careful and open when you are dating a partner who has kids from a previous affair or marriage.

Their time is valuable

If you are single then you possibly are not aware of the problems a single parent has to go through. From taking care of the kids to managing the household while balancing the work, they have a lot to manage in the span of 24 hours. That is why when you are dating someone with kids value their time.

Kids are a priority; you are second in the line

For single parents, kids are first priority. Although very much in love, they will always put their children above their own needs. So in such cases, their partners must accept that they will always come second in the line of attention and accept this fact gracefully.

Give them the freedom to choose the time and place

You need to show more understanding in such a relationship. Instead of making a single parent come to your choice of place and time, it is better to give them the freedom to choose both time and place more often. They can thus adjust their plans accordingly and devote quality time to both you and their kids.

Don’t show your eagerness to meet the kids

Of course, if you both are serious about your relationship, there is going to be a time when your partner would like to introduce you to the kids. But do not pressurize him/her for the same as it may make things awkward for you both.

Be prepared for the special moment

So finally when it is time to meet the kids of your partner, go fully prepared. It would be better if you ask a few questions beforehand to your partner about the names, ages, and temperaments of the children.

Not only you, but it is going to be a testing period for the kids as well. So, take it easy if it does not go as planned during the first meeting. Things are sure to change as the meetings become more regular and frequent.