Shark Tank India 3: Are deals on the show real? Anupam Mittal sheds light

Shark Tank India Season 3 has got a good start. Founder of Anupam Mittal who has been one of the sharks since season 1 has now opened up about how things proceed after deals are finalised on air.

Shark Tank India season 3

News Summary

Shark Tank India has opened up new ways of getting investments for budding entrepreneurs.

But do the deals finalised on the show work out or they are fake? Anupam Mittal sheds light!

Shark Tank India Season 3 has got a good start with new budding entrepreneurs coming up with their creative pitches. Interestingly, many participants have even said that what they are doing now has been inspired by Shark Tank India. But many wonder what happens after the deal is struck between the investors and the pitchers.

People who have not been to Shark India but are desirous to know what exactly happens after the deals are made on the show now have an answer from none other than Anupam Mittal, the founder of who has been one of the sharks on the show since season one.