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  • BTS’ Jungkook created a ripple on the internet today with his latest interview on Weverse.
  • Jungkook shared the process of making his mixtape while drawing BTS’ Graffiti.
  • The Stay singer also revealed how Billie Eilish impressed him with his debut album.

BTS’ Jungkook took the internet by storm today with his latest interview on Weverse in which he talked in detail about his much-awaited mixtape. The K-pop superstar shared some major updates about his mixtape and even shared a short glimpse of the concept behind this entire idea.

More importantly, the famous South Korean star named Billie Eilish as his inspiration behind the idea to come up with his mixtape. Jeon Jungkook kept on drawing BTS’ Graffiti while he answered the questions on how he and his group managed to achieve breakthrough success with Butter and Dynamite.

The prominent member of the Grammy Award-nominated group first revealed his intention to make a mixtape during a Buzzfeed interview in 2018. Moreover, the crooner has been quite open about the progress of his mixtape and has regularly shared the creative process and the things that he has been working upon for the last few years. 

The BTS’ star singer revealed that it has been hard for him to work on this idea and he had kept on changing things if they did not please him. The Stay singer said that he can make the process of making mixtape easy by just talking about himself and his journey as a trainer and then achieving success. But, Jungkook believes that it can be done by anyone and will be nothing special. 

On the other hand, Jungkook wants to come up with something original that has a complex story and then write songs to make it a complete presentation. Talking about the impact the debut album of Billie Eilish made on him, Jungkook said that the album left a big mark on him and he would like to have the track of his mixtape have the same cohesive flow. The star singer of BTS further added that even though it may come up as a jumbled piece, it is fine as long as the songs are good enough.  

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