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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Some Excise department officials of Rayagada have been accused of hatching a plot to take bribe from a liquor distributor after a video of the purported conversation to crack the deal between them went viral on social media.

In the viral video, the Superintendent of Rayagada Excise Department, Prasanna Kumar Nayak, constable Sushant Patra and a liquor distributor were heard having conversation about the bribery deal. Much to the shock, Nayak was telling the distributor to facilitate the kickback through Patra.


According to sources, the video of the conversation about the bribery deal was recorded at a lodge in Gunapur on April 13.

While the incident has irked the residents of Rayagada, the Excise officials however have refuted the allegation and termed it baseless.

“The officers of the excise department are playing with the lives of the common people to fill their pockets. It is their duty to curb the rising illegal trade of liquor but instead they have been promoting the sale of the liquor,” rued a local resident of Gunapur.

Rayagada Excise SP Prasanna Kumar Nayak clarified, "It’s completely a fake and fabricated video and the Excise officials have no involvement with the incident. Somebody would have created the video while impersonating the officials in an act of tainting the name of the department by making it viral deliberately,” said Nayak.

Excise Constable Sushant Patra also refuted the allegation saying that the conversation was about the collection of government’s arrear amount and not anything about bribe.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)

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