Sharmili Mallick

Intensifying the investigation into the murder of Kalahandi school teacher Mamita Meher, the Bolangir Police on Friday sent as many as 70 ‘seized’ articles connected to the case to a forensic laboratory for examination.

The articles include five strands of hair, a pair of earrings, towel, a jar and a knife which were recovered from the car of Gobinda Sahu, the prime accused in the case. Sahu’s nail, hair and blood samples have also been sent to the laboratory for carrying out the necessary tests.

Police have sent ashes, bones and skin samples to the laboratory to establish the identity of the body remains that were recovered from a pit at the under-construction Mahaling Stadium in Kalahandi on October 19. Other items including an airbag, ironware, wires, gold chain, silver anklet, burnt clothes and salt stuffed in plastic sheets which were dug out from the pit the same day have also been sent for examination. 

The DNA samples of Mamita’s parents-- Suchandra Meher and Tulasi Meher have also been sent to the laboratory for profiling which will be used to match with the samples taken from the body remains to establish Mamita’s identity.

In another development, a businessman Vivek Agarwal has allegedly told the police that Sahu bought two tyres from him which was later used to burn Mamita’s body on October 8 night. His statement has been recorded before the police under Section 161 CrPC.

“At around 12.30 pm on October 8, Gobinda called me for two pick-up van tyres. Later, his driver Radheshyam Chandi came to my shop at around 3.30 pm and took the tyres from me,” Vivek allegedly told the police in his statement.