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Sharmili Mallick

The Pakistan woman who seduced DRDO employees in Odisha seems to be an expert in honey trapping Indian men working in different military establishments in the country. She seems undeterred by the DRDO case detected in September. 

As per the Crime Branch ADG Sanjeeb Panda, the same female seductress had ensnared a Class IV employee in the Office of Chief Engineer of the Military Engineer Service (MES) in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur. The Police there had arrested the MES employee for passing on classified information.

"Rajasthan CID had registered a complaint on the incident on October 15 and communicated the same to Odisha Crime Branch seeking assistance, the ADG informed.

He further informed that Indian currency worth Rs 24,000 was transferred from Lulu International Exchange in Dubai to the bank account of one of the accused.

"While a total of Rs 38,000 was sent from Lulu International Exchange, a money transferring agency in Dubai, to two bank accounts in India, Rs 24,000 was transferred to the bank account of one of the arrested ITR employees, the details of the transaction of Rs 14,000 is not yet found," Panda added.

Earlier this month, the Crime Branch ADG had claimed to have detected  Pakistan links of the mysterious woman who is being suspected to be the 'handler' of the spy ring engaged in leaking out sensitive intel from the high-security defence establishment.

Panda claimed that the woman operative, who had allegedly honey-trapped five ITR employees, had seven Facebook accounts. Four of which were being handled from Pakistan’s Islamabad and Rawalpindi, while the other three, which were active then, were being used from different locations with proxy internet protocol (IP) addresses.

Even as the accounts were being used from Pakistan, she had used proxy IPs of India, US, UK and Germany to hide her identity, Panda had said.

On September 15, a special squad of the Balasore Police led by the Eastern Range IG picked up five contractual employees at DRDO from the main gate of its integrated test range (ITR) for questioning over espionage charges. Out of them, four accused were working at the launch pad-3 of ITR, Chandipur.

The intelligence reports then stated that the accused were honey-trapped and receiving international calls mostly from Pakistan-Rajasthan border areas and they had passed secret information to foreign agents. They were identified as Basanta Behera, Tulu Behera, Hemanta Mistry and Sheikh Musiq.

The woman had honey-trapped them after promising to marry two of the accused and assured another to visit his Chandipur residence. The arrested contractual employees included two AC operators, one diesel generator operator and one gatekeeper besides the permanent staff, a driver of the ITR Director.

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