• Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Author Monideepa Sahu

Monideepa is an author and columnist. She has over 22 years of experience as a writer of feature stories and opinion columns with Deccan Herald (Bangalore), Bangalore Mirror (Times of India Group) and other leading publications. She has authored four books in English (Zubaan Books, Penguin/puffin, Kitaab Singapore). Her literary short fiction has appeared in 15 anthologies published in India and abroad.

BBC tax survey overview

The IT department was specifically looking into the “manipulation of prices for unauthorised benefits, including tax advantages”, it said.

  • Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023
Rishi Sunak, Akhand Bharat and identity crises
Rishi Sunak, Akhand Bharat And Identity Crises

Hordes of Indians have been busy digging up Rishi Sunak's India connection. To gauge that, you first need to understand the effects of Partition, the creation of Pakistan, and how it left huge number of people with multicultural identities.

Violence and Rape in marriage: Dealing with false cases and ‘sheltering’ real survivors
Violence and Rape in marriage: Dealing with false cases and ‘sheltering’ real survivors

Who is making false accusations, and who is telling the truth? God alone knows and we can only pray that karma catches up with the real wrongdoer.

Chandan Yatra: The divine procession and holy boat ride
Chandan Yatra: The Divine Summer Voyages!

This year, Chandan Yatra is being publicly celebrated after two years of tight Covid restrictions. The divine boat rides are happening every evening, and will continue till 24th May.

Samantha and the fashion trends in India
Are We What We Wear?

The way we dress helps us to express who we are and project an image to world; but it leads us to that eternal question - Do clothes make the man or woman?

India Happiness Report
How Can We Make 'Unhappy' Odisha Happier?

People of Odisha are among the unhappiest in India, and the state is home to very unhappy people in one of the unhappiest countries on earth, reveals Happiness Index Report.

Snana Jatra in Puri
Snana Purnima: Quarantine Of Lord Jagannath & The Sacred Connection With Lord Srinathji

Lord Jagannath, His brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra have an elaborate ritual bath on Snana Purnima. The day is also celebrated as Lord Jagannath's birthday. 

Lord Jagannath's marriage in Puri Srimandir
Lord Jagannath's Marriage

Rukmini Harana Ekadashi falls on June 21st this year. On this holy day - Lord Jagannath, an aspect of Lord Vishnu, marries Rukmini, an aspect of Devi Lakshmi.

The Satyabadi Movement and Sakhigopal
The Satyabadi Movement And Sakhigopal

In 1909, Pandit Gopabandhu established an ideal school, Satyabadi Vana Vidyalaya at Sakhigopal. This was a catalyst in spreading national consciousness, in Odisha.

Abuse of power
Might or Right? You Could Be The Next Victim

People with money power and influence can trouble women, grab the property of others and break any law they wish. They can hire goons to threaten and kill, and spend money to publish ugly lies to ruin the reputation of good people.