Rath Yatra: Sick deities to get ‘Phuluri’ oil treatment today

Puri: With the annual Rath Yatra inching closer, the Holy Trinity of Puri Srimandir battling strong fever after the customary bathing ritual on Debasnana Purnima, will get a special herbal treatment today.

The divine deities will undergo ‘Phuluri tela seva‘-an herbal oil treatment as part of a secret healing method under supervision of the Raja Vaida on the fifth day of Anabasara period.

It is believed that with this herbal oil treatment, the deities recuperate effectively before beginning their annual sojourn to Mausi Maa temple famously called the Rath Yatra.

Several types of natural ingredients like malli, champa, sandalwood powder, camphor many other elements are used in the preparation of the divine potion at the Bada Odia Matha.

After the chief overseer of the Matha hands over the prepared mixture to Srimandir, Pati Mohapatra carries out the curative ritual.

Sources say ‘Phuluri tela seva’ is one of the important part of herbal therapy for the deities and ‘Phuluri’ oil which is used in the ritual is prepared on Hera Panchami — the fifth day of the Rath Yatra every year but is only applied to the Trinity during the following year’s Anabasara period.

Presently, Lord Jagannath and his sibling deities, out of bounds for devotees are undergoing a fortnight of recuperation period after taking a luxurious bath on Debasnana Purnima.

They are believed to recover from fever and appear before the devotees on occasion of Nabajauban Darshan, a day before the grand car festival.