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Service To Mankind Is Service To God: The Good Samaritans Of Odisha’s Nayagarh

Nayagarh: The scene of a group of youths helping the destitute and homeless may not be a common sight for all, but it has become a regular phenomenon on the streets of Nayagarh.

The district, where many great personalities from Upendra Bhanja to Pathani Samanta were born and brought honour to Odisha, has another reason to feel proud as a group of youths under the banner of Ananya Foundation have taken it upon themselves to help the helpless.

Their aim is to serve the destitute, homeless and mentally ill patients roaming on the streets. From giving them a haircut to bathing them, the youths make sure that the helpless and homeless persons get decent care they deserve.

Ashutos Das, the founder of Ananya Foundation said, “During the lockdown, I observed that the mentally challenged persons are not getting enough attention from the government. They do not possess Aadhaar or ration cards. So we thought to help them in any way possible.”

“Actor Sabyasachi was the one who inspired us to do this. We will continue to do the good work and try to rope in more youths to join us,” added Das.

The philanthropic work by the members of Ananya has brought them laurels from many quarters. A social worker, Damodar Sahu said, “I appreciate their work. The effort they have put for social work at such an early age is really commendable.”

As per sources, the volunteers of Ananya have been working without any help from the government.

(Edited By Bikram Keshari Jena)

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