Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: Genetic study of Coronavirus has begun in Odisha with the examination of 45 samples collected from COVID-19 patients, informed Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) director, Ajay Parida.

"A total of 200 samples will be examined and the report will be released in two weeks’ time, but we need one or two more weeks to find out the behavioural, genetic and character changes in the virus," he said.

As per Parida, the genetic study is a process that will help understand the migration source of the viral strain and the strains which are more infectious.

Monsoon & COVID-19 Spread

On reports that monsoon might lead to increase in the spread of virus, he said these are all predictions that people are making since the beginning, but the monsoon will have no impact on Coronavirus.

“Some were predicting that summer will kill the virus, but it didn’t happen. These are just predictions that are being made based on the early trends of the virus,” he said.
Community Transmission

On the COVID-19 situation in Odisha, Parida said the positive cases started increasing in the State in the month of May but there is no trace of any community transmission.

Speaking on the rising number of local cases in the State, he said around 99 per cent COVID-19 positive cases are detected among returning migrants at quarantine centres and most of the local cases were primary infections or the result of contacts with quarantinees.

“Based on the COVID data that we have so far, we can’t term it community transmission,” he added.