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Actress Apsara Rani Opens Up In RGV Controversial Post In Her Exclusive Interview With OTV

Bhubaneswar: After taking the internet by storm with her bold and sexy looks in Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming web film ‘Thriller,’ actress Apsara Rani from Odisha opened up about the controversy surrounding her director’s post about the state.

While promoting Apsara and his upcoming film through a post on twitter, the Bollywood director created a controversy mentioning that he hadn’t heard about Odisha since 1999 hurricane (super cyclone).

In an exclusive interview to OTV, Apsara said “He (Ram Gopal Varma) was even shocked to learn that I was from Odisha. He was happy about it and excited as he had not met many people from the State.”

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When asked about Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial post about her own state Odisha, Apsara said, “I am no one in front of Ram Gopal Varma. To be very honest, I am afraid to speak to him directly as he is my director and like a father-figure. He is not my friend or someone of my age and he is a big celebrity and I cannot question him.”

The actress further stated that “My existence is because of Odisha, but my identity of being an actor is due to Ram Gopal Varma. It is hard to say whether my existence or my career is bigger.”

Backing the Bollywood director, Apsara said, “At a time when everyone tries to be diplomatic, he (Ram Gopal Varma) has shown his honesty. He had not heard about Odisha and he wrote what he felt. It’s only he who can answer what’s on his mind. I had tweeted that Odisha is a treasure trove of talent. He wants to know more about the State and I will certainly gift a book on Odisha to him.”

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