Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Unruly behaviour and fights on flights are being reported quite frequently these days. Several videos of fights between passengers & airline employees and disruptive manners on board have stormed the internet recently.

Here we bring another such video that will at first leave you shocked, but later you will burst into laughter.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet in which a youth is seen rubbing something on his palm while sitting inside a flight. Meanwhile, an air hostess approaches and asks the passengers to fasten their seat belts. 

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Suddenly, the youth asks her to open the porthole or the window. “Excuse me, khidki kholdenge please, gutka thukna hai (Excuse me, could you please open the window, I need to spit out gutka (chewing tobacco).”

All passengers as well as air hostesses burst into laughter. 

Well, the youth was playing a prank on the air hostess and he had nothing in his hands. 

Everything was planned and someone else sitting on the other side of the row on the flight captured the funny incident on his mobile camera.

The video shared on Instagram by govindsharma5906 has gone viral and the video has received over a million likes.

Moreover, the video has amused the netizens and triggered hilarious comments from them. 

One user said, “Kanpur flights have upgraded this feature,” while another wrote, “Woooooow..... Itni hasi aayi kya batau.” A third user wrote, “Hm deshi h bhaiya kbi sudharne wale ni.” “Arey bhai Khidki kya cheej hai, poora Emergency Exit Door khol le,” wrote another.