Poonam Singh

Wedding season has officially taken over the internet with many brides and grooms going viral for varied reasons. And one thing we can all agree on is that Indian weddings are nothing short of a Bollywood movie with all the drama, emotions, and colours.

Now a video has emerged on the internet in which the bride and groom don't really look happy with each other as they throw sweets away which are meant to feed each other after the 'varmala' ceremony.

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In the said video which was shared on Facebook by a person called Mahendra Bharti, shows a bride dolled up in a red lehenga and a groom in a suit standing on their wedding stage after their jaimala. As a part of the ritual, the bride is seen trying to feed a sweet to the groom. But the groom doesn’t eat it and takes the sweet from the bride's hand and throws it into the crowd which was standing under the wedding stage. The bride seems to be agitated about the groom’s behaviour.

Following which, when the groom's turn comes to feed sweet to the bride she also doesn’t eat it and takes it and throws it to the crowd. 

Watch the video here:

After watching the video, many have been speculating about the reason for such angry behaviour at the wedding. One user wrote, “Galat hai” while another commented, “Shadi ho rahi hai ya dushmani?’ A third wrote, “Bad manners”

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