Poonam Singh

Birthdays are special irrespective of your age. Birthdays not only reminds us how old we have grown but also shows us how far we’ve come in our life.

Everybody (young or old) wishes to celebrate his/her special day with friends and families. However, not all are lucky to have people in their lives who love and support them.

Recently, a video went viral in which an old woman can be seen sitting and celebrating her birthday alone in a restaurant. However, what happened next will surely warm your heart and make you believe in humanity. 

The video clip seemed to be CCTV footage from a restaurant. In the viral video, the old lady can be seen all alone in the restaurant. A waitress then comes and places a huge chocolate cake in front of her on the table and leaves. Then the lady takes out two candles from her bag and places on the cake and lights them. Till then, others dining at that time in the restaurant had not paid any attention to her.

However, when the lady starts clapping and singing a birthday song for herself, everyone present in the restaurant joined her and walked up to her hugging and wishing her.

The woman looked surprised by the strangers coming and wishing her. But her happiness was quite evident as the unknown people made her day by celebrating her birthday with her.

This viral video was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Awanish Sharan. He captioned the video, “Old Lady celebrating Birthday on her own...see what happened” with a heart emoji.

This heartwarming video had over 424.9K views, 2599 retweets, and thousands of likes.

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