Poonam Singh

The wedding stage was set, guests had arrived and the wedding rituals were on the verge of completion, but just then, the bride backed off and wanted a divorce.

A bride in Bihar’s Buxar district refused to accept the groom as her husband after the ‘Nikaah’ ceremony after she realised that the groom had some issues with his hand.

According to a report by Zee Rajasthan, after the ‘Nikaah’ ceremony, the bride noticed some congenital problem in the hands of the groom. After much suspicion, she came to know that the groom was 'handicapped'. Hearing this, the bride got furious and refused to accept the groom as her husband and wanted a divorce.

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The bride was adamant on her decision, and no amount of persuasion from her family could convince her. Later, the baraat had to return without the bride.

According to the online news portal, there's a congenital problem in the hands of the groom and hence, it doesn't work properly. 

The groom was left aghast and had to return back home without his bride after getting married.

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Meanwhile, one of the groom’s relatives said that the person who had arranged the marriage had not mentioned the problem of the groom's hand to the bride's family. The groom's hand became a hindrance in his marriage and soon after the marriage, the rituals of divorce were reportedly performed.

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