Poonam Singh

One of the most emotional moments of a wedding is the 'Vidaai' ceremony when the bride leaves her family and goes with her husband to a new family. 

It is a mixed emotion for the bride as she is sad about leaving her parents, family, and friends behind while she is also looking forward to her new life with her new family.

However, sometimes the bride is over-emotional and is not able to cope with the fact that she has to leave behind her parents' home and start a new life. 

One such video is going viral on social media in which a bride is super emotional and is not willing to go with her husband. 

However, what is most unexpected is that the bride’s family can be seen forcibly carrying her to the car while she is crying.

The video was shared by an Instagram page called bridal_lehenga_designn with a funny song to give it a hilarious twist.

However, the video has evoked mixed reactions from netizens. While some found it hilarious, some said that it is not funny and were quite serious.

The video, which was posted on November 2, has so far garnered over 44K views and more than 1K views.

A user commented on the video saying, “Hasi bhi aa rahi hain or bura bhi lag raha hain.” “this is not funny !!!!..,” one has written. At the same time, some people questioned the video’s reality and wrote, “This looks like kidnapping! Is this real?” Another user said, “There should be no force for marriage..”