Poonam Singh

Wedding videos, where some funny antics or pranks are done, are always fun to watch and when the bride and groom are involved, it makes it even more hilarious. 

One such video is going viral on social media where a groom can be seen teasing his newlywed bride after their marriage.

The short video opens to show the groom and the bride sitting together after their nikaah dressed in traditional wedding attire. The new couple is surrounded by their family members, and they seem to be doing the ‘Muh Dikhai’ ritual, where family and friends see the bride's face for the first time after the wedding.

However, the groom seemed to be in a pranking mood and can be seen screaming and fainting upon seeing the bride’s face.

The groom seems to be teasing his bride by pretending to be scared and shocked to see her face. On the other hand, the bride is quite shocked by the groom's reaction. However, their relatives around them can be seen enjoying the groom's antics while laughing loudly. 

On social media, the video has accumulated more than 5 million views and 1 lakh likes. It has attracted mixed reactions from viewers. 

While one person wrote, "So embarrassing for the girl", another wrote, " Bhot gatiya majak ta." 
A third one jokingly said, "Jab aap ki biwi aap ki ex nikle," while the fourth added, "Not funny beta tare kayamat aayege biwi k hath."