Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard all belong to the 'big cats' family. However, they have different food habits, hunting styles, physical appearances, and more. Their unique traits make each of these big cats fascinating. Though they belong to the same family, they are of different species and usually don't stay together. Even though they share the same habitat and compete for the same resources, they see each other as a threat.

However, here we bring a rare footage that shows a jaguar and lioness cuddling each other passionately as if they belong to the same species or are half-siblings.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet showing the affection of two different species of big cats for each other. In the video, the jaguar can be seen resting beside a tree log. Suddenly, the person recording the moment caresses the big cat. As the camera pans to the right, a lioness can be seen walking towards the camera. The woman recording the video cuddles the lioness and says, "My big girl..."

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The lioness walks close to the jaguar and signals its arrival with a cute gesture. The jaguar also welcomes the lioness and wraps its forelegs around the neck of the lioness. Next, the lioness settles down close to the jaguar. The big cats start cutely pampering each other. Slow bites, licks, wrapping legs around the neck and cuddling are actions of expressing their affection.

Though the source of the video couldn't be verified, Nature Is Amazing shared the video on X (formerly Twitter) with a caption reading, "Oh nothing, just a Jaguar and Lion cuddling!" (sic)

Well, the post has gone viral and users have flooded massive likes for the rare footage. Even users loved the rare footage which is evident from comments. As it seems, the big cats grew up together since childhood and were taken care of by the same person at any zoo.

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