Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Daring to face challenges with extreme willpower induces self-confidence and turns one stronger. But, being a daredevil can sometimes prove dangerous. If you enjoy accepting challenges and doing dangerous things, will you ever do the stupidity and try to kiss a venomous cobra?

Well, here we bring a video of a man and a cobra which has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows the man kissing the cobra on its hood very passionately. However, sensing danger, the venomous reptile suddenly turned back and gave a ‘love bite’ to the man. 

After being stung by the cobra, the man threw it far away and stood up. Even other people standing nearby were on high alert. Later, another man chased the cobra to capture it. However, the serpent once again went into attacking mode after sensing a threat.

As claimed by Nigar Parveen (who shared the video), the incident took place in Karnataka and the man had to pay for his insane daredevil action

In this tech-driven age, several vloggers are going out of their way to create videos that will create a frenzy on the internet. Some of the vloggers adopt such insane ways to draw the attention of social media users. Though such stunts are dangerous, people bother less about the consequences and land themselves in trouble. 

This may not be the only incident in which the man tried to kiss the venomous reptile. Several such videos are streaming on different platforms that show the daredevil stunts of the vloggers to garner views, likes, and popularity. While some lucky persons escape the deadly consequences, some incidents turn out to be fatal.