Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bike stunt shows are always enthralling and fascinating. Have you ever witnessed any such stunt? Of course, movies have become the ultimate platform to watch several jaw-dropping action sequences on bikes. The bike stunts inspire several others to imitate the actions after violating road safety rules. While some stunts end in a tragic way, some end in a witty way that leaves everyone amused. 

Here we bring a video that shows a youth performing a bike stunt on a busy road. However, the irony is, the stunt show ended in a witty way that may tickle your funny bones.

As seen in the video, a youth is driving his two-wheeler without a helmet. Instead, he is wearing a cap. In a carefree way, the youth has both legs on one side of the bike and is controlling the accelerator and handle with one hand. He was easily making his way on the busy road in presence of all other vehicles. 

His stunt on the bike was recorded by an unknown source. However, he was later penalised by the traffic police. As shown in the video, he was slapped Rs 4200 as a penalty.

Even the youth is seen holding his ears and apologising for breaking the road safety rules. 

The incident took place in Chhattisgarh's Raipur and the video was shared by Durg police on their Twitter handle. 

Along with sharing the video, Durg police also shared messages for the general public related to road safety norms

The first message read, "Durg police is taking immediate actions against people who are performing stunts, using modified silencers or are rash driving."

In the second message, the police appealed to the public to abide by the traffic rules and regulations. 

Well, while the police shared the video to spread awareness, netizens also didn't stay behind. Several people shared instances with evidence backing their claims when others violated the traffic rules and regulations. 

Following road safety is a mandate for all as it ensures safety of self as well as others. Performing such stunts or rash driving is as dangerous for self as for others. After paying a hefty penalty, the youth must have learnt his responsibility.