Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cruelty toward animals has emerged as one of the major concerns across the world. Several instances have come to the fore in which people torture animals for no reason. Even, sometimes animals are tortured to death over petty matters. However, still there are humans who prove that humanity is still alive.

While most people are least bothered about helping another person in need, who worries about animals? But, here we bring a video that shows a group of kind-hearted humans who have restored faith in humanity.

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The video shows a terrible flash flood in a canal in which an animal is seen being swept away. From the intensity of the flash flood, it can be easily judged that the animal can’t swim to the bank on its own. 

As the camera pans to the flowing water, a cow can be clearly seen struggling in it. Meanwhile, the bucket of an earthmover can be seen hanging in the middle of the canal. As soon as the cow approaches the earthmover, the operator immediately fishes out the cow to safety.

The earthmover operator carefully fished out the cow without hurting it and lands it on the ground. The cow instantly struggles to stand up.
Several others can also be seen near the earthmover constantly instructing the earthmover operator. Indeed, the teamwork helped to give the cow a new lease of life.

The video shared on Twitter by Wall Street Silver has gone viral on social media. As claimed by the user, the miraculous rescue was done in Turkey and the incredible timing of the earthmover operator saved the cow.

Meanwhile, netizens are all hearts for the saviours of the cow.

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