Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriage is a lifetime event that unites two persons. After tying the knot and taking the vows, two persons begin a new life journey. Throughout life, people face different hurdles and certain situations arrive that trigger misunderstandings. Indeed, couple fighting over small matters is quite common.

Here we bring a video of two doggies that got married amid a grand celebration. However, the later phase of their lives shown in the video proves what actually happens after marriage.

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In the video, two doggies are seen well-groomed with new clothes. Several people are seen gathered around them and two women help the doggies to exchange Varmalas. The guests at the unique wedding cheer for them after the Varmala exchange and clap. The guests seem to be quite happy and excited while witnessing the wedding.

However, the next clip shows the two doggies fighting inside a room. Both the dogs seem to be in no mood to stop the fight. 

Well, it seems, the video has been made for fun purposes. But, it certainly relates to the life of humans. After marriage, everyone has to face the side effects and handle disputes smartly to ensure a smooth life.

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The video shared on Instagram by animal.care_love has gone viral on social media. Apart from triggering excitement among animal lovers, the video has been liked by many users. Netizens have flooded the comment section with red heart emoticons and messages expressing their surprise at the cute dogs exchanging varmalas.