Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The animal kingdom is quite vast, fascinating and surprising. It is not always that huge and ferocious animals win the battle. Even small animals can defeat big carnivore animals like lions, tigers and leopards. But, what if the animal has to face off against a pride of lions or leopards?

The result of such battles is quite obvious. Lions are quite strong and ferocious. Even leopards are quite fast and ferocious. These wild cats can easily defeat small animals. But, here we bring a video that will change your thought.

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Recently, a video including multiple clips of such battles in the wild surfaced leaving netizens curious and surprised. 

The first clip shows two Honey Badgers confronting a pride of lions bravely. The pride of lions includes both males and females. However, the honey badger didn’t bother about the consequence and attacked the lions bravely. The video also shows the lions stepping back from the battle.

The next clip shows a leopard attempting to feast on a honey badger. Suddenly another honey badger jumps on it. The battle doesn’t end there. The honey badger starts chasing the leopard until it disappears behind the woods. 

Another clip in the same video shows a honey badger confronting a venomous snake. Later, it tears the reptile apart with its sharp jaws.

The video shared on Twitter by Belgesel Dünyası has gone viral on social media platforms. Apart from garnering massive views, the video has left many surprised. Netizens have flooded the comment section hailing honey badgers as the bravest among all wild animals.

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