Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Chalking out a perfect plan is crucial to achieve success in every work. The rule is also applicable to thieves/ burglars. Crooks do extensive planning before getting into action. Of course, the end results of a burglary plan are sheer luck apart from requiring proper execution of plans.

In this era of social media, we can find a bunch of videos showing live theft. However, all videos are not about the thieves achieving success. Some videos also illustrate the hilarious fails.

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Here we bring a video that shows a hilarious failure of two thieves who went to steal a scooter and ended up losing their own while fleeing. 

As seen in the video, two youths are seen stealing a scooter from the premises of a residential complex. While one is seen seating on the two-wheeler, the other one is seen pulling it back. Meanwhile, another scooter is also seen parked right in front of the gate. 

As the scooter rolls outside the gate, the second youth rides on his scooter. However, before they could flee, the house owner rushes out. 
This triggers panic and the youth abandons the stolen scooter in front of the gate to flee. To his bad luck, the second youth gets kicked by the house owner before he could start his scooter. 

The house owner picks up a fight with the thieves. One of the thieves was about to lift his scooter when several other people nearby rush in. 

The thieves are left with no other option than to flee from the spot while leaving their scooter. 

The video shared on Twitter by CCTV IDIOTS has by now been viewed over 2.1 million times. Well, the video has amused the netizens with several sharing hilarious comments.

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