Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The relationship between teachers and students is considered to be sacred. Teachers teach life lessons and help students excel in life imparting their knowledge and experience. Teachers are the powerhouse of knowledge and students have several things to learn from them.

However, some teachers as well as students don’t recognise the importance of the relationship. They break the barriers and do something condemnable.

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Here we bring a video that shows a group of students attacking a teacher and thrashing him brutally.

As seen in the video, the group of students stop the teacher’s bike and start thrashing him from all sides. The teacher slips off his two-wheeler following the group attack. While most of the students step back, one student starts hitting him with his bag. 

While the teacher tries to escape from the spot, some other students join and start pelting stones at him. The teacher falls into a pit beside the road and a student picks up a helmet and starts hitting him.

Later, some other students stop the violent students. 

The group of students create a chaos in the area triggering a traffic snarl. 

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The video shared on Twitter by @btetctet has gone viral on social media. While the user claimed that the incident took place in Bihar, several other users went on to demand justice for the teacher. 

As per the latest reports, police have initiated a probe into the matter and have assured to take action against the students involved in the attack.