Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Hindu mythology says that Manu and Shatrupa were the first married couple on earth.
  • The rules and traditions for marriage were first laid down by Svet Rishi.

They say marriages are made in heaven. Whether that is true or not but even today in India marriage is a big tradition and involves lots of rituals, sangeet, and customs. But when did this culture of getting married start? Rather, who was the first bride on earth?

Going by Hindu mythology, Brahmaji is the creator of this entire universe. He cut his body into two halves. One half was known as Ka whereas the other was called Ya. That is how the word Kaaya was derived.

From this Kaaya were formed the female and male elements on the earth. Manu is considered to be the first man in the world. He is the male element born through Kaaya whereas Shatrupa is the female element and the first woman on this earth.

After the two met for the first time on the earth, Brahmaji guided them to get married and start a family. That is why Shatrupa and Manu are considered the first married couple on earth according to Hindu scriptures. But marriage as tradition and the rules related to it were first initiated by Svet Rishi.

He established all the traditions and rules related to marriage and gave it the dignity and importance that is still given to any Hindu marriage.

He also introduced the significance of mangal sutra, vermillion, and saat pheras for husband and wife. The rules that he devised gave equal status to both men and women in the marriage

While there are multiple customs and rituals for marrying in Hindu tradition, there is no provision for divorce or breaking the marriage.