Rashmi Ranjan

Getting inked is a trend now. People often carve their names, partner’s name and other designs on their body. But, how about getting your marriage certificate tattooed?

While the entire world was celebrating Valentine’s Day to express love to their near and dear ones, a Thai man decided to go an extra mile to express love for his partner.  He came up with a grand gesture that left his wife amazed.

The Thai man named Vall inked his marriage certificate on his forearm to surprise his wife on Valentine’s Day. And, now the post is going viral on social media.

According to a Thai daily newspaper Khasood, Vall made this life-size tattoo of the marriage certificate on his forearm. The photos of the tattoo were shared by the tattoo parlour.

Vall spent eight hours in the tattoo studio at Kaeng Khoi in Central Thailand's Saraburi province to get himself inked, the daily reported.

Seeing her husband’s arm inked with their marriage certificate, Vall's wife was initially shocked and on cloud nine too. 

In a similar report earlier, another man also tattooed a portrait of his wife on his arm to surprise his wife on her birthday.