Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Complaints of police atrocity are getting quite frequent these days. While the prime duty of a cop is to maintain law and order, acts of atrocities become the reason for public suffering. As the first responder, police are responsible for law enforcement and public safety. But, it raises concerns about public safety when the cops go the other way. 

Recently, a video has surfaced on social media that shows a cop’s atrocity on a couple at a railway station. Moreover, the cop was also resisted by a lady cop for misbehaving. 

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In the video, a man is seen struggling with the cop while a woman is hitting him with her slippers. The cop gets annoyed after the woman hits him and he immediately pushes her back powerfully. 

The man while holding the cop’s baton accuses him of thrashing his small kids. Meanwhile, a female cop approaches the spot. The lady cop warned him to stay back. 

The man does not leave the cop. Again the woman charges towards the cop with her slippers which annoys him. After thrashing the woman, he starts hitting the elderly man. 

As claimed, the cop was drunk and picked up a fight with the couple after thrashing their kids. The incident reportedly took place on a foot-over-bridge of a railway station in Lucknow. 

The video shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has been viewed over 95K times and several users went on to express their bad experience with police.

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