Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Vigilance officials are dedicated to collecting intelligence about the corruption by government employees. However, even after several crackdowns and arrests, corruption thrives.

However, have you ever come across any incident, when a government official is caught red-handed by vigilance sleuths?

Here we bring a video that recently has gone viral on social media. The video shows the government official swallowing currency notes, which he accepted as bribe, and the vigilance sleuths are trying to pull it back from his mouth.

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As seen in the video, two persons are seen grabbing and tussling with a man in a red jacket. The two persons are seen holding the man and trying to pull out something. Suddenly, the man drops a piece of paper from his mouth.  

One of the persons, who was tussling with the man in the red jacket, introduces himself as the Inspector of State Vigilance. He also warns a youth, who can be seen interfering, of dire consequences if he didn’t step aside. 

As heard in the video, the man is swallowing money, which he reportedly accepted as a bribe. As it seems, the sleuths were trying to recover the notes from the government official’s mouth. 

Later, the vigilance sleuths force open the official's mouth. The man writhes on the ground while the sleuths are seen trying to recover the notes from his mouth.

The video shared on Twitter by Gharkekaleshh has been viewed over 103K times and the high-voltage drama between the government official and the vigilance sleuths has triggered hilarious comments from netizens.