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The word cobra is enough to stream fear. The sight of the venomous reptiles will fill chills in spines. What if you find a cobra coiled in your scooter or car just before you turn on the ignition?

Snake rescuers are well-trained, skilled, and equipped to safely rescue the reptiles and release them in safer wild places. However, there are some daredevil persons, who are gifted and can easily rescue venomous reptiles without any special gear. 

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In general, professionals use snake hook sticks that help them to catch the reptiles easily without getting hurt. However, recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a man rescuing a cobra using just a screwdriver. 

As seen in the video, the cobra is seen coiled in the front nose of a scooter. Meanwhile, the man is touching the reptile carefully. He tries to grip the snake in his hand but fails. Later, he uses a screwdriver, which he probably used to open the front nose of the scooter, to loosen the cobra’s grip. 

After trying for some moments, he succeeds in loosening the grip and pulls the cobra by its tail. However, the cobra sneaks into the vehicle. 

A few moments later, the man pulls out the snake from the vehicle unhurt.

The video shared on Twitter by Pagan has gone viral and has garnered over 43K views. Moreover, netizens have praised the fearless man for rescuing the cobra with just a screwdriver and bare hands.

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