Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lions are known to be ferocious and aggressive carnivores. Only luck can help the prey escape from the sharp jaws of the lions. However, it becomes quite difficult for an animal to escape from the pride of lions as they fail to predict from which side the lions will attack one after another.

However, several videos are available on the internet that leaves everyone surprised. Bulls are known to be aggressive herbivore animals. Once they lose their cool, bulls become uncontrollable. When they sense any danger, bulls turn violent and don’t think about the consequences before locking horns.

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Here we bring a video that will leave you utterly shocked.

As seen in the video, several lions are seen walking on a road in the dark night. However, suddenly the lions take a U-turn and start running. Unexpectedly, a bull is seen chasing the lions and the big cats run in fear. 

Meanwhile, one of the lions rushed towards the roadside to avoid the conflict where some people are seen recording the incident on their mobile cameras. 

Even though two lions are left behind, the bull continues to chase the third one on the road.

The video shared on Twitter by Hasna Zaroori Hai has gone viral on social media. The incident has certainly left many in shock. However, some others claim that such incidents are quite common in nearby areas of Gujarat’s Gir Forest.

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