Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cats are cute and funny. But, they can turn aggressive and scratch and bite their human friends sometimes. Such aggressions are generally detected when they sense fear or danger. If you have a dog along with a cat, you might have seen your cat attacking the dog. But, many won’t believe if someone says cats can terrify other violent animals which are extremely larger in size in comparison to them.

Here we bring a video that shows several cats frightening lion, tiger, bear, crocodile and cobra. The video is a compilation of different visuals from various sources.

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The first visual shows a Royal Bengal Tiger inside a cage. A brown-stripped cat is seen sitting outside the cage and continuously gazing at the big cat. As the tiger brings its face closer to the cage bars, the cat reacts instantly. The tiger moves back growling. 

The next visual shows a cat sitting near several sea lions. One of the sea lions gets closer to the cat. The cat immediately attacks the sea lion with its paws. The sea lion dramatically falls down and slips down into the water. 

The next cat dares to lock horns with a crocodile. The feline keeps on hitting the crocodile with its paws while the reptile tries to bite some chunk of its food. However, the crocodile loses finally and gets into the water.

Another cat dares to fight off a cobra. While the cobra tried to sting the cat, after it got hit by its paw, the reptile crawled back. 

The next visual shows a cat standing away from a cage. A lion is seen strolling inside the cage. As soon as the cat gets a glance at the lion, it gets closer to the cage. While the lion seems to be growling in the cage, the cat didn’t bother about it and tried to frighten it. 

Next, it is a bear with whom a cat locked the horns. The brave cat shooed away the bear and chased it until it jumped to the other side of a fence.

Finding such videos on social media is quite easy these days. This video compilation shared by @miyari_s has been viewed over 14.5 million times and even netizens went on to appreciate the brave attitude of these cats.

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