Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

What does it take to impress a girl? It is not easy to impress a girl. Despite giving their best efforts and with different approaches, boys fail to achieve success. 

However, here we bring a video, that shows a smart little boy impressing a girl elder than him. The boy instantly impresses the girl with a simple trick that will tickle your funny bones.

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As seen in the video, the stand is full with the audience cheering out loud. Among the spectators, three young boys are seen in the front row. All eyes are glued to the air and one of the young boys is seen raising his hand up in the air with gloves. 

Suddenly, he catches a ball. While the spectators cheer out loud, he immediately turns back and handovers a ball to a girl sitting behind him. The girl seems to be elder than the boy. But, with this gesture of the young boy, the girl gets impressed. Along with that, her friends also get impressed and happy.

However, the boy played a trick to impress the girl. The ball he caught remained in his gloves and he gave another ball to the girl he was holding in his other hand. But, the girls unaware of this trick got fooled as well as impressed. Even his friends enjoyed the trick a lot.

The video shared on Twitter by Austin Powers has gone viral on social media with netizens praising the boy for his trick of impressing the girls.

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