Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Animal behaviour is certainly unpredictable. Moreover, the behaviour of pet animals and animals in the wild undeniably varies. There are several psychological effects of human interactions on pets while animals in the wild rarely get to communicate with humans. There are several instances when pets are found imitating humans but it is rare to find one in the wild. 

However, here we bring a video that will leave you surprised and warm your hearts with love.

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In the video, a group of youths along with several kids are seen performing devotional kirtan. The youths, as well as the kids, are seen dancing while beating taalas or karatalas (a traditional musical instrument). 

Surprisingly, a blackbuck fawn is also seen dancing along with them. The fawn seems to be quite excited and jumps continuously following the people. 

The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda has gone viral on social media. The video has won the hearts of netizens, which is obvious from the comments. 

IFS Nanda’s caption for the post read: It’s not without a reason that BlackBucks are called krishnasaar, krishna jinka, & krishna mriga in India…According to Hindu mythology, the blackbuck draws the chariot of Lord Krishna. Participating in the Devotional Kirtan with equal jest. (sic)

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Recting to the video, one user wrote, “Such a cute, lovely heartwarming thing to see!! Thanks for sharing.” (sic)

Another wrote, “soooo cool....awesome...would luv to hug it.” (sic)

“Ah. That warmed my heart no end. Thank you. Needed this today,” wrote a third user. (sic)