Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The debate around speaking Hindi in the Indian states down in the south is getting quite riotous. Recently, several reports have surfaced claiming attacks on labourers from the North belt in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, certain videos have surfaced on social media in which Hindi-speaking people are subjected to brutal attacks and abuse .

Certain reports claim that several people lost their lives in the attacks. While several Hindi-speaking labourers are reportedly fleeing the South Indian states, recently, another video has taken the internet by storm in which an auto-rickshaw driver is seen engaged in banter with a female passenger over speaking Hindi language.

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As seen in the video, the auto driver is yelling at a female passenger sitting behind, “In Karnataka, you have to speak in Kannada.”

To this, the girl replies, “No, I will not speak in Kannada.”

Stepping down from the auto-rickshaw, the girl says, “Why we will speak in Kannada.”

Next, the driver says, “This is our land, Ok. This is our land, not your land. You have to speak in Kannada. Why should I speak in Hindi?”

The driver repeats his statement and the girl, who was recording the entire scene on her mobile camera, leaves the place.

The video shared on Twitter has gone viral with several people sharing it on social media. Moreover, #LearnKannadatoliveinKarnataka started trending on Twitter with the video. It has also triggered mixed reactions from netizens. Though the original source of the video couldn’t be traced, the video is drawing the attention of social media users.