Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A bride served intoxicated halwa to her groom and in-laws and ran away with cash, jewellery.
  • The girl from Haridwar fled from the scene looting 1.20 lakh cash.

Cheating and heartbreaks are quite common in a relationship. But what happens when your new bride turns a fraudster and takes away all your cash and jewellery? Exactly this is what happened with an unfortunate groom in Muzaffarnagar.

It so happened that after the baraat returned home, the bride and her companions served halwa to the groom and his family members. In India, it is a tradition that the bride should prepare some sweets when she first starts cooking at her in-law's place and more often it is halwa that is cooked.

Incidentally, this halwa that she served contained an intoxicating substance that left the groom and his family members intoxicated.

Taking advantage of this situation, the bride along with her companions took all the cash and the jewellery in the house and fled. Now, a case has been registered against her and the other two culprits who helped her commit the crime.

According to Live Hindustan, the victim Neeraj from Nagla Mubarikpur said that Sanjay and Amit from Haridwar had fixed his marriage with Rudraprayak resident Rekha.

After the marriage was given a nod from both sides of the bride and groom, Neeraj went to Rudraprayag and married Rekha according to all the regular Hindu customs and traditions. Neeraj said that Rekha told him and his family members that in her family, it is a tradition to serve the in-laws with halwa after reaching their home for the first time.

After eating the halwa everyone became unconscious. Rekha and her companion then allegedly looted Rs 1.20 lakh cash and also took away all the jewellery that was at home.

When the groom and his family members woke up in the morning, they found out that they have been looted by the bride, reported Live Hindustan.

A similar incident had occurred two years ago when a woman from Haridwar looted her in-laws in Nai Mandi by serving them tea with an intoxicating substance.