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We might be up for a complete android showdown to decide the best android phone out there. Unlike iPhone 14 Pro, these two devices are evenly priced and do specific things well. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro. 

Samsung has wider global reach and Google also has a big fanbase, which makes them even competitors.

Pixel takes its design from its predecessor with iconic camera bar stretching across the width of the phone. The camera lenses look more prominent this year. S22 ultra has flat edges and rounded backs. Both the devices are IP68 rated.

Now when it comes to display, Samsung is winner. S22 ultra has a 6.8-inch-long AMOLED display in comparison to Pixel's 6.7-inch OLED display. S22 has a superior panel. Both the devices have 120hz refresh rate.

Coming to performance, S22 Ultra is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 while Google Pixel is powered by tensor G2 chip. Both compete evenly. Pixel is more than adequate for daily use, photography, and video consumption while S22 Ultra gives an all-round performance.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra packs in four cameras, two of which are telephoto lens. The S22’s main sensor is a massive 108MP. Then a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and a twin 10MP telephoto. Pixel has triple camera set up where the main sensor is 50 MP, an ultra wide lens of 12MP and a 48MP telephoto camera.  For selfies, the Pixel 7 Pro has a 10.8MP front shooter while the Galaxy S22 Ultra sports a 40MP one. Pixel captures a bit warmer image while s22 ultra captures vibrant photos. Selfies are fine on either devices. The Galaxy S22 Ultra can shoot up to 8k resolutionwhile the Pixel 7 Pro maxes out at 4k.

Both the Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra have 5,000 mAh batteries. Pixel runs on android 13 while s22 ultra is currently on android 12 (though android 13 is right around the corner).

S22 ultra comes out ahead in its display, performance and battery life while Pixel provides better value for money as it costs less than S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra starts at Rs 99,999 for the base variant while Google Pixel 7 Pro starts at Rs 84,999.

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