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Suryakant Jena

Age is just a number and Odisha girl Tisya Panigrahi has nailed the adage better than anyone else. At the tender age of just 10 years when children would still be learning how to ride a bicycle, Tisya is now a sensation not only in Odisha but outside as well.

Like morning shows the day, she has earned accolades from all over with her magnificent scuba diving talent which is just a wonder to watch.

While it is a no-brainer how the smallest of water bodies strike fear in the minds of even the best of swimmers, a brave Tisya who has become a true inspiration for many seemed to have made all the oceans her own.


Believed to be the youngest scuba diver of Odisha, Tisya took the social media with storm after she and her father, also a scuba diver, dived 40 feet deep into sea and wished Happy Nuakhai for the people of western Odisha recently.

"I have trained a lot so I feel I don't have any fear from water," said the little girl in an exclusive chat with OTV.

Meet Tisya Panigrahi, The Little Mermaid From OdishaMeet Tisya Panigrahi, The Little Mermaid From Odisha

"I will turn my attention to an advanced course in scuba diving when I turn 12. My next record would be attempt diving to 68 feet down underwater," said Tisya.

Priyadarshi Panigrahy, Tisya's father gives the entire credit of her success on her efforts to do something big. "My role was only limited to show her videos and photographs of underwater world which instilled confidence in her. But the entire credit goes to her for showing courage in adopting this sport as a career," said Priyadarshi.

While calling upon budding swimmers and divers to pursue their passion without any fear, Tisya's father said that are many institutes which offer diving courses where one can easily pursue this sport.

Tisya also sent a message to her friends and innumerable children like her who want to do great in life.

In her address, she said, "Scuba diving is not hard but only thing that matters is one should not panic. What I like most about the scuba diving is that it is a remarkable experience and If you don't do it, then you are missing out," she concluded.

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