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"The way it was said that people fear administration, I always used to say that the people will show their strength in election and they will shock the nation. It has happened and the people have given a chance to BJP. I assure that it will be a people’s government,” said BJP leader Pradeep Panigrahi, who won the Berhampur Lok Sabha seat adding that people have taken a decision at the right time.

He said, "I am grateful to have got scope to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whenever I went, people used to say that they would end the chapter and they did it. Odisha has now got freedom from slavery and there will restoration of democracy. I fall short of words to thank the people of Odisha."

'No More BJD Fortress'

BJP leader Pradeep Panigrahi said that no longer the BJD fortress exists as the party can never survive if there is no leader, intent and policy, and it has been proved.

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“Politics is never based on ego and betrayal, rather it is based on principles, simplicity and courtesy. The people of Odisha have proved this by showing faith in me. I still want to meet Naveen Patnaik and congratulate him for giving people the scope to vote for a change which happened only in the last two phases of polling, be it directly or indirectly. Naveen Patnaik should introspect why he faced defeat in the last phase of life,” said Panigrahi.

'Mission Over, Chapter Closed'

When asked by media whether BJD lost due to VK Pandian, BJP leader Pradeep Panigrahi said, “People now want restoration of their rights and facilities. I do not believe in revenge politics, rather I believe in constructive politics for development of Odisha.”

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Panigrahi further said the people of Odisha are religious and believe in ideology and democracy. However, if we look at the past 24 years and interview of Naveen Patnaik, he was speaking about water, roads, and basic amenities.

“After the super cyclone of 1999, people of Odisha gave Naveen Patnaik an opposed government for 24 years which had not happened in the country. But even today, there are issues pertaining to electricity, lack of drinking water, labour migration, crime against women, unemployment and others. Naveen Patnaik being highly educated, he failed at ensuring at several fronts on education, health and other issues,” added Panigrahi.

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