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Senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and MP nominee for the prestigious Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha seat, Aparajita Sarangi stepped up her campaigning on Wednesday. 

Sarangi along with the party’s MLA nominee for the Bhubaneswar-Ekamra Assembly segment Babu Singh led a massive rally. Thousands of supporters and workers of the BJP took part in the roadshow during which party veteran Samir Mohanty was present. The leaders were accorded warm welcome at different places.

Visibly happy about the campaign, Aparajita Sarangi said, "In the last five years, I have received a lot of love and affection from the people. I am indebted to all the people of the Bhubaneswar Parliamentary seat for this.”

She also exuded hope that the blessings of the people will be with her in the days to come. 

“We are going to the people with the development agenda and always intend to render service. In the last five years, I have got the opportunity to serve people. Bhubaneswar is my home and I have an emotional connection with everyone, “she added

The BJP leader also said, "Many things have been done in Bhubaneswar and I have given my report card to the people. Some other works have to be done in the days to come like drainage system and development of slum areas.” 

BJP leader Babu Singh said, "This time, the BJP is not fighting elections, but people of Bhubaneswar are fighting for the party. The people of Odisha have decided to overthrow the 24-year-old corrupt government in the state.”

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He added that no matter who is his opponent, this time people will definitely put an end to a chapter replete with corruption and misdeeds.
No comments were received from the BJD.

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