Vikash Sharma

After alleging neglect of the Odia language, the BJP is all set to make the ‘Odia pride’ a key issue during the upcoming 2024 elections. BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate from Cuttack Bhartruhari Mahtab on Saturday stated that the Odia pride will certainly be a key agenda of the party for the upcoming elections.

While speaking to reporters on the occasion of BJP Foundation Day, Mahtab said, “The issue is revival and restoration of Odia pride. Many people are asking about the meaning of pride. Those who do not know will only make such statements.”

"We all feel proud of Lord Jagannath, Konark and other aspects. We all should also feel proud of the Odia language... Odia pride cannot be restored if one reads Odia speech written in Roman script,” said Mahtab.

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