Floods in Odisha: Govt's disaster management plans need drastic change in the approach

Satellite technology and GIS mapping should be used to study the flood patterns. Mitigation for flood damage would be more appropriate to manage floods rather than attempts to stop the river from flooding into the historical flood plains which nature has developed over centuries. 

Flood Control: Disaster management plans need drastic change in the approach

The recent high floods in the Mahanadi river system as well as in Brahmani, Baitarani and Subarnarekha rivers have underscored the need for a fundamental review of the flood management and mitigation measures. The state being home to many rivers is hit at regular intervals by high floods which defy all predictions resulting in a miserable situation for millions. At least a million people have been affected by the devastating floods in the densely populated deltaic regions.

Let us have a quick relook at the past. Not so long ago (in 2008) when the Mundali peak flow crossed 15.60 lakh cusecs, more than 4 million people were affected, the worst-affected districts being Kendrapara, Cuttack, Jagatgsinghpur and Puri where 240 breaches had occurred.